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We hope to offer you a place to enjoy a different time in the environment of Redes Nature Reserve (Asturias)

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(Until 30th may 2009)
150 € double room, including:
Friday and Saturday nights for two people
Saturday and Sunday breakfast for two people
Friday and Saturday dinner for two people
A massage (one person)

You can practise Tai Chi or Chi Kung with us or enjoy
a relaxing massage after being on a ramble on the nearby mountains.

It is a good idea to bring your slippers so you can be more comfortable in our home, you won’t regret it.!

L'Ayalga Posada Ecológica. Haz clic para ver más información

Certificado de Calidad emitido por www.ecohotelsoftheworld.com

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The European Centre of Eco-Tourism
(ECEAT) is a European network of sustainable and environmentally friendly accommodations .



The owners of ECEAT accommodations take an active part in preserving the environment, caring for biodiversity, natural surroundings and cultural and historic Heritage.

They are committed to organic agriculture and they manage their camp sites, country guest houses or hotels according to the following criteria:

• Avoid generating rubbish and recycling if any
• Offer local and organic products for meals
• Use only biodegradable cleaning products
• Adequate use of natural resources
• Use renewable energy (solar and wind )
• Use bio-building materials.
• Environmental educational programmes
• Protect and care for indigenous flora and fauna.

We are one of the eighteen accommodations backed up by ACEAT in Asturias. We belong to this Agro-Tourism association because we are committed to Turismo Rural* on a small scale, which involves the local residents, supports sustainable development and establish as a priority social welfare and environmental balance on holiday resorts in the long term, rather than making quick profits in the short term.

*(Turismo Rural : a form of tourism whereby renovated rural houses are rented to vacationers. Renovation grants are available for improving suitable houses. The aim is to promote tourism in rural areas, providing alternative incomes to farmers and preserve village life and architecture . From Gran Diccionario Oxford .3rd Edition)